Urban Circuit; “Remainings of Natural History of our Land

A fabulous tour to learn about Natural History of the region visiting special places of Punta Arenas.


We invite you to take a fabulous tour to learn about Natural History of the region, visiting the Rio Seco museum, watching birds at the urban circuit that involves the Tres puentes wetland, Coast line of the strait and the María Behety Park, wonderful urban natural parks and having a typical magellanic “once”. A tour aimed for all of those who want to get to know part of our natural and cultural history.

The program starts at 14.40 pm, time in which we start picking up our passengers at their respective places. We then head towards the Natural History museum aat the city of Punta Arenas, composed by a group of researchers from Río Seco that have as goal promote this Austral culture and maintain the Natural Patrimony of the Magallanes Region. At museum we are going to be received by local researchers that will guide us through an interactive circuit in order to get to know the place and know the work they do.

We then head to Tres Puentes wetland, where we start the bird watching in charge of a local guide, member of the Patagonic Ecological Region. We keep the observation through the coast line where the marine game and coastal birds will meet us. Finally we end the circuuit at the Maria Behety park to wath birds related to forest and patagonic flora.

We need from 4 to 5 hours to do this tour and we usually start around 3 pm.


Transportation is included on the cost of the tour, and yes, here we also include a sleeping pillow.

Local Guide

Our local guide will be a member of the PEG. No other guide could be better to help and explain us the birds rather than a member of a birdwatching organization.

Birdwatching Gear

We include some birdwatching gear, so in the case you don't have your own, you don't have to worry about getting a close look to this marvelous bird.

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