Whole day City Tour

Come with us to truly get to know Punta Arenas and its surroundings, not focusing only in the main square and a couple of spots, but what we inhabitants see by living in Punta Arenas.


Come with us to get to truly know Punta Arenas and its surroundings, visiting the usual places of the city tour other companies offer, but also, much more. We start our day at around 10 to 11 am (depends on you) and we go to visit the local ski center and a small place where the fresh water of the city is obtained. At this spots we get a fantastic view of the city, the Magellan strait, Tierra del Fuego and if we are lucky even the Darwin Mountains south in Tierra del Fuego. Yes, we go high up the hill in order to see all of this.

After this we head back to town in order to start visiting downtown and its beautiful infraestructure, visiting the most famous spots that are the usual of every city tour.

In order to not starve we go to the most typical place that Punta Arenas has to have a quick lunch and keep on with the visit of the city. We then head towards the main square and then a museum where we see a bit of both history and natural history of the region of Magallanes. We keep onwards towards the cemetery and then move 10 kilometres north of Punta Arenas to visit the Natural History Museum of Río Seco.

After this we go back to the city to visit the Nao Victoria Museum and then cross the street to Birdwatch at the Humedal Tres Puentes.

Intrance fee to the museums is not included.

Price of the tour may be variable depending on the amounts of persons.


Transportation is included on the price.

Local Guide

Bilingual local guide included.

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