South American tern colony at the shores of Patagonia

A visit to a wetland searching for this rare specie.


Come with us to watch one of the spectacular nature shows. An important colony of the South American tern (Sterna hirundinaceae) and a wetland of unique characteristics that allows the meeting of a wide range of birds that visit our region. This tour is guided by a specialized bird guide that is member of the Patagonia Ecological Group. This group is composed by people with different backgrounds and kids of the region of Magallanes, who with love and passion for nature promote biodiversity in our region. This tour is aimed to photographers and bird lovers.

We start out trip early in the morning heading towards Buque Quemado wetland, located on the San Gregorio commune in Magallanes, 200 kms east of Punta Arenas. Its south limit is the Magellan Strait. The wetland has an important amount of birds, some of them very rare and others in extinction danger. After walking around the wetland and picture many species of birds and the Patagonian landscape, we head to watch an important colony of the South American tern. At this spot we will be able to take some amazing pictures and enjoy a unique experience that nature give us.

We will need a full day to do this tour.

We can do this tour from October to January, period in which the South american tern nests. During January is possible to see the hatchlings.


Transportation is included on the cost of the tour, and yes, here we also include a sleeping pillow.

Local Guide

Our local guide will be a member of the PEG. No other guide could be better to help us in the search for this bird rather than a member of a birdwatching organization.

Birdwatching Gear

We include some birdwatching gear, so in the case you don't have your own, you don't have to worry about getting a close look to this marvelous bird.

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