Towards the southernmost of the continent

Whole day trekking towards the San Isidro Lighthouse.


We invite you to take an amazing trekking through the coast line to reach the San Isidro Lighthouse. It was built in 1904 and is part of a chain of 8 old lighthouses on the Magellan strait.

Our journey begins at 08.00 am, time in which we pick up our clients at their respective places. We arrive around 10.00 am to the shore of river San Pedro from where we begin our coast line walk that last around 3 or 4 hours depending on the walking pace. On the way to the lighthouse you can enjoy the beautiful landscape where two different ecosystems interact; Coast line, in which sometimes, we can spot the curious Peale’s dolphin that jumps to check who is walking in such remote place. On the other hand we have the forest ecosystem composed mainly by Coihue (Nothofagus dombeyi), canelo (Drimys winteri) among other interesting species of the patagonian flora. We can also spot many different birds along the way.

Arriving to the lighthouse and its surrounding we will stop to enjoy a mate drink and a snack in front of the strait, the lighthouse, and the Darwin Mountains in front of us. After this we start our walk back to the San Pedro river from where we go back to Punta Arenas around 18.00 hrs.

We need a full day to do this tour.

The difficulty of the hike is medium.

There is an extra cost not included which is a fee to enter the lighthouse $2000 clp per person.


Transportation is included on the price.

Local guide

Bilingual local guide included. The guide is certified with a valid WFR licence.

Sleeping Pillow

We also provide you with a sleeping pillow for the long journey to and from the park.

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