Pali Aike

The northernmost volcanic field of Patagonia.


Come with us to enjoy an unforgettable travel. Traversing the Pali Aike National park you will feel yourself in another planet. Due to the geological formation that this land possesses and the fields covered in basaltic lava anthropologists have been able to determine its geological characteristics and the life that got developed there.

We start out trip at 08.00 am, time in which we pick up our clients at their respective places, after this we head towards the Pali Aike National Park which is around 196 kms northeast of Punta Arenas. We arrive to the park around 10.00 am and we get ready to hike 1 of 4 trails that are present at the park. In these trails we will witness the power of the earth and volcanoes not having to climb for days but only hike a couple of hours. We will also witness local game and flora.

After enjoying a nutritional snack, a mate or a coffee at one of camping shelters of the park we get ready to visit the Pali Aike cave, where 11000 years old human archaeological rests were found. After taking some pictures and enjoying the lava formations and game in the area we get ready to traverse towards Laguna Ana, where depending on the time of the year we can watch birds that visit the laguna. Around 19.00 hrs we head back towards Punta Arenas arriving in town around 22.00 hrs. We finish our trip leaving our passengers at their respective places.

This program takes one full day.

As an option we also have a personalized tour only for you which includes a simple camping lunch at the park with some mates to drink. Ask about the special price for this tour.


Transportation is included on the price.

Local guide

Bilingual local guide included.

Sleeping Pillow

We also provide you with a sleeping pillow for the long journey to and from the park.

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