In the search for Magellanic plovers.

A visit to a nearby lake looking for this rare specie.


Come with us to get to know part of the bird game that visits our region having a tour with a local bird guide that belongs to the Patagonian Ecological Group (PEG), group composed by people of diferent backgrounds, students and children from the magallanes region, who with love and passion for nature promote biodiversity of game and flora from our region. The main purpose of this group is to support different activities for the conservation of different place of interest. This tour is aimed to photographers and bird lovers.

We start our trip around 8 am in order to sieze the day and be able to return at a reasonable hour to Punta Arenas. After visiting Humedal Tres Puentes we go towards Barranco Amarillo where we can closely watch several kind of coast birds which live on the region. We then head to the viewpoint located in front of the natural history museum of Rio Seco where we can get impressive pictures of Cormorants, dolphin gulls and other species related to the coast line ecosystem. We continue our journey towards Chabunco Park , where 2 ecosystems meet; forest and sea and where we get a stunning view of the strait of Magellan and we see some passerines that visit the region during summer. Finally we get to laguna de los palos where there are several sites of the only representative of the Pluvianellidae family, the Magellanic Plover (Pluvianellus social es), summer visitor of these lands. After taking pictures of the particular bird, among other species that visit tha lake, we head back to Punta Arenas. Our journey ends when we leave our passengers at their respective places.

This tour takes from 5 to 6 hours. Part of the cost of the program goes in support of conservation activities that are managed byt PEG. The dates of this tour range from September to March.


Transportation is included on the cost of the tour, and yes, here we also include a sleeping pillow.

Local Guide

Our local guide will be a member of the PEG. No other guide could be better to help us in the search for this bird rather than a member of a birdwatching organization.

Birdwatching Gear

We include some birdwatching gear, so in the case you don't have your own, you don't have to worry about getting a close look to this marvelous bird.

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