Amazing day at the eight wonder of the World

A whole day of Torres del Paine through the roads of the national park.


We invite you to get to know part of the natural attractions that are part of the Torres del Paine National Park and the Natural Monument Milodon Cave. A tour to every kind of public that loves nature.

The tour starts at 5.30 am heading towards Puerto Natales (capital city of the Last Hope Province). The trip to Puerto Natales takes around 3 hours. Arriving to the city we traverse the cost line of the city where we can amaze ourself with the beautiful fjords that can be seen in all of south of Chile. We keep on our journey towards Cerro Castillo (capital of the Torres del Paine commune). Around noon we head towards the national park, stopping on the way at Lago Sarmiento and Laguna amarga view points.

At the park we stop at Nordenskjöld viewpoint, traversing around 20 minutes both ways in direction to Salto Grande. After that we head towards Pehoé lake viewpoint where we get an amazing view, so we stop to take some pictures. We keep towards Pingo section, where we walk around 1 1/2 hour to see the great blocks of ice that fall from the Grey Glacier.

Finally we get out of the park and we head towards the natural monument Cave of the Milodon, where the rests of a Milodon were found. We take some pictures and then we head towards Punta Arenas. The program does not include park fees.


Transportation is included on the price.

Local guide

Bilingual local guide included.

Sleeping Pillow

We also provide you with a sleeping pillow for the long journey to and from the park.

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