Memories from the past at austral lands

The first chilean stronghold on the austral zone, founded in 1843.


Come to know the first chilean stronghold on the austral zone, founded in 1843 over the Santa Ana hill. This tour is aimed to anyone who wants to know part of the history of the region.

We start our trip around 9.00 am, time in which we pick up our passengers at their respective places to the keep on south of the city of Punta Arenas. 60 kilometres south of the city we find the historic stronghold. Arriving there we are received by park guides who will tell us the history of the place in colonization times, we will walk trails, watching the old buildings and knowing the historic places. We can also visit Port Famine and the point that signs the geographical half of Chile. We finish around 14.00 hrs going back to the city of Punta Arenas not before stopping in a local family cafeteria where we can enjoy a snack or a coffee.

This program takes half a day and does not include park fees.



Transportation is included on the price.

Local guide

Bilingual local guide included.

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