About us

We are a local company from Punta Arenas that aims to show part of our land, Patagonia and its natural and cultural patrimony.

Our vision and mission

We believe that ecotourism is an effective tool for the union of people and the cultural exchange among nations, so our value proposal focuses in giving to know the scenic beauty of our Patagonian ecosystem through a variety of ecotourist programs that involve local organizations and the local community of our region.

Our mission is to strengthen and consolidate the Eco Touristic market at the Magallanes Region, offering experiences at unique ecosystems together with bringing development to the local inhabitants of these lands, empowering the quality of our services to satisfy the needs of our national and international costumers.

Our vision is to extend ecotourism and the cultural exchange from a nation wide level to an international wide level making it possible to plant environmental and cultural consciousness and also to promote the good understanding among people and nations.

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